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When it comes to having your baby gear professionally cleaned, you have several options to choose from. Book a convenient house call, drop off your gear at one of our nearby locations, or schedule a pick up. You can also find us at events in your area where we clean on the spot.

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House Call Location

Let us come to you! We’ll clean your gear on the spot and can service multiple items in one visit. Cleanings take approximately 30-45 minutes per item (excluding set up). A $40.00 fee will be added for house calls.

In order to complete a cleaning at your home or location, we’ll need a few things from you:

  • 1. Access to running water (e.g., a sink or hose).
  • 2. Approximately 6’ x 6’ of space to do our thing.
  • 3. An electrical outlet to plug in our cleaning gear.

Where should we park? Additional charges may apply

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Check us out at some of your favorite local retailers! We’ll clean your baby gear while you shop–how great is that?

Sorry, there are no upcoming events in your area.

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We will come to your location to pick up your gear and conveniently return it to you when we’re finished cleaning. This baby gear cleaning service option typically takes about 48 hours. Contactless delivery available. A $40.00 fee will be added for pick up.

Need it sooner? Learn more about our overnight service and rental gear options on the following pages.

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